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Understanding how data works and what kind of insight can be obtained, is vital to any business. Most of the time, the data is used for primary business goals but it contains so much more information that can be leveraged to add more value.

What if there’s someone, whose precise skill set can turn all that abstract information into valuable insights, that can be used for financial and social performance growth?

Sounds expensive, complicated or hard to achieve? It does not have to be that way.

our services

essbase advice

We help and train you with expert hands-on Essbase knowledge. We tweak and tune existing models for performance and teach you how to keep Essbase running long term for your organization.

We have bundled all our knowledge in the blog stresslessbase.com. Please have a look if you are looking for expert Essbase knowledge in your team.

embedded analytics

Under the label “InsideVision” we help businesses and entrepreneurs that want to present analytical dashboards and self-BI to their clients: all BI functionality and analytical capabilities, white-labeling, integrated security, on-premise or in the cloud and fully customizable.

We already partnered with entrepreneurs to create data products for finance and purchasing. Will you be the next?

launch a data dashboard product

Create data insights as a product:
process your data into our analytical dashboard technology and offer these as a product to your customers.

read more about this on www.inside-vision.com.

A sample dashboard product to see the effects of a better purchasing process.